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Flexible Packaging Specialists

Vac Pac is a printer and converter of custom packaging using polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, shrink film, laminated film, cellophane, and netting. Whatever your needs may be, you can rely on Vac Pac’s commitment to quality and superior customer service to provide you with the “Sure Solution” to your flexible packaging requirements.

Printed Roll Stock

Vac Pac specializes in printed roll stock for flow wrap, vertical form fill seal, and lidding film applications. Our wide web flexographic printing can produce complex 10 color process print in widths up to 49”, with slitting and rewind capabilities from 3-60” webs. A variety of laminated and/or coated film structures are available to meet the most demanding applications.

Custom Bag & Pouch Converting

Vac Pac’s converting operations are capable of manufacturing many types of standard and custom packaging, including wicket bags, gusset bags, side seal or round bottom bags, and press to seal zipper bags. Materials include Polyethylene, Polypropylene, and co-extruded or laminate structures to suit demanding applications. Pouches are available in three side seal and stand up configurations for maximum shelf visibility. Laminated pouch film offers the very best in product protection, barrier, and shelf life – with excellent optics and printability.

Printed Shrink Bags

Meat & Cheese. Vac Pac offers multilayer shrink bags for applications requiring medium or high barrier properties for extended shelf life in combination with excellent clarity and appearance. Our shrink bags offer excellent sealability to run on a wide range of commercially available sealing equipment. Shrink bags may be printed with up to 10 colors for maximum visibility in a deli case or store shelf. Shrink bags may be manufactured in side seal, round bottom, or flat bottom configurations. Bags on tape are also available for semi-auto or automated filling systems.

Barrier & Pasturization Films

Vac Pac is proud to distribute the full AMILEN line of ultra-high quality thermoforming films. Manufactured by VF Verpackungen (Germany), the AMILEN family line features the very latest in latest in 11 layer co-extrusion technology allowing for excellent performance both on the line and on the shelf. AMILEN is available in barrier, high barrier, MAP, and puncture resistant configurations for use with fresh meat (including bone in), sliced meat, cheeses, sausages, poultry, and bakery applications. Custom printed top webs are available.

Sterilization Films

AMILEN SF is a sterilization films predominantly used for vegetables, vegetarian products and ready meals packed on rollstock or thermoforming machines. Featuring modern 11 layer co-extrusion technology (PA/PP), SF films are suitable for use with products that require sterilization at temperatures up to 121°C. SF films offer excellent puncture resistance, enhanced sealing properties, and high transparency and gloss. A wide range of film thicknesses and widths are available.

Technical Films & Custom Applications

Have a demanding application? From specialized film for packing mushrooms, moisture barrier laminations used in the manufacture of automotive carpet, and demanding military projects, count our team for the knowledge and experience to meet the challenge. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

Ready 2 Cook Ovenable Products (High Temperature Films)

Vac Pac is proud to be a global leader high temperature ovenable packaging. Our Ready 2 Cook™ bags and films allow processors around the world to create value added products through convenience and consistency.

All Ready 2 Cook™ products are:

  • Oven and Microwave Safe
  • BPA and heavy metals free
  • Maximum temperature of 400F / 204C
  • Direct from Freezer to Oven – no defrosting required!
  • Meet FDA regulations for high temperature cooking applications

“Self Venting” Shrink & Non Shrink Oven Bags

Material 100% PET
Self-Venting Yes
Cleanup Easy Peel
Closure Clipped
Compatibility Oven and Microwave Safe**
Maximum Temperature 400°F/204°C

High Temperature Nylon Oven Bags

Material Reynolds REYNOLON
Self-Venting No
Vacuum Sealable Yes
Closure Heat Sealable or Clipped
Compatibility Ovenable / Microwavable / Boilable
Maximum Temperature 400°F/204°C

Flow Wrap & Ovenable Lidding Films

Available Structures Mono & Laminate
Wrap Equipment Vertical & Horizontal
Printable? Yes
Tray Compatible? Yes
Compatibility Oven & Microwave
Maximum Temperature 400°F/204°C

Thermoforming Film

Film System Forming & Non-Forming
Self-Venting Yes
Equipment Compatibility Most Modern Thermoforming
Ideal For Shallow & Medium Draw Depth
Compatibility Oven & Microwave
Maximum Temperature 400°F/204°C

Need Custom Solutions? We’ve Got You Covered.

Having trouble finding a solution for your product? For over 50 years, Vac Pac has helped customers around the world to create innovative, valued added packaging that customers love. Get in touch to discuss how our international team can help. Vac Pac is proud to bring global experience direct to you.