High Barrier Shrink Bags & Films

Multi-Layer Technology

Our modern multi-layer film structure provides an extremely functional high barrier package for a wide variety of products and applications. With the use of the latest technology and materials, each layer provides its own unique contribution to the overall structure increasing protection. Our shrink products are market leaders in shelf life, shrink rates, puncture resistance, and mechanical and visual properties.

EVOH Explained

EVOH is the ultimate barrier for use in flexible packaging against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and helium – providing protection for food products from spoilage as well as against bacteria. Products will stay fresh through the supply chain even when stored or displayed for extended periods of time. EVOH allows for clear packaging with excellent transparency while protecting the taste, smell, color, and freshness of the product. EVOH is also recyclable and is environmentally safe – unlike PVC / PVDC films.

EVOH – Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol is a copolymer comprised mainly of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen. Having a highly sophisticated molecular crystalline structure, EVOH provides an extreme barrier against oxygen and other gasses that is 10,000 times greater than that of standard LDPE films. When used in a multi-layer structure, EVOH provides the longest shelf life extension possible for meats and cheese due to almost completely eliminating oxygen permeability.

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Brilliant Transparency & High Gloss

Featuring an external PET layer, our shrink films exhibit high gloss and excellent transparency ratios.


Extreme Puncture Resistance

Multiple layers of polyamide means superior mechanical properties against puncture as well as excellent protection to the product during packaging and transportation.


Highest Shrink

Vac Pac shrink films can achieve up to 50% shrink rates, giving a perfect fit around your product while preserving juices and flavors.


Longest Shelf Life

EVOH barrier technology gives optimal protection against gasses such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and helium. In addition, the multi layer structure provides barrier protection against water vapor and potentially damaging UV rays. As a comprehensive system, Vac Pac shrink films significantly extend the shelf life of fresh meats and cheeses.


Strongest Seals

Featuring a unique composition of high quality polyethylene on the inside layer, Vac Pac shrink films have the most advanced sealing properties available even under the most sever conditions – including fatty oils and contamination.


Overlap Sealing Ability

Our PET outer layer means the bags will not seal to one another if overlapped when sealing. This greatly improves productivity and has the added benefits of eliminating leakers due to no film wrinkling.



Vac Pac shrink films do not use PVDC. PVDC contains dioxins and chlorine, which can be harmful to the environment during both manufacture and in the waste stream. Our focus is on a more eco-friendly approach with the most modern film technology currently available.